Isla Griffin   Artistry of many kinds

Immersive light projections, installation and painterly montage.

Exploring sensory embodiment, fluid boundaries and the space within which we stand.

Art Life

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My art practice explores the interface of the human body and the world with which it continuously interacts. A foundational art practice in photography, paint and ceramic sculpture paved the way for an MFA during which I developed an aesthetic vocabulary working with video, light projection, sound and immersive experiences. The works reference our multiple layers of existence, microcosmic anatomies, surface topographies, community ecologies and the invisible mysterious energetic forces that underlie human existence.

Most of my inspirations comes from chance encounters as I walk and live in nature. I have studied environmental, anatomical and biological science and remain intrigued by mysticism and cultural practices relating to propagating deep transmutation within the Self. I love the idea of alchemy and the process of metamorphosis. It offers the hope that change is possible despite the seemingly destructive path the world is following. Through my work  I want to demonstrate the malleability of the human neural system as it experiences and absorbs the world within which it exists through permeable boundaries and open senses. All these ideas situates the making of the work at a mid-point on the spectrum between solid material objects and ephemeral light projections.

I divide my time between studios in Cornwall and New Zealand.

Projects on the Go (at the mo).

Fragments of Circumstance (2019)
3 minute pause points (Life hacks). A sensory zone for resetting perception and emotion away from the frenetic and despairing. The clips of life and movement are grabbed as they emerge out of generic environments witnessed on my daily time-line. Where and when ever that happens to be. It's just a case of noticing and stopping. Later I collaborate with sound artists and by doing so create sensory connections that compress time, space and encounters. This one is Faded incantations 2016.
Others can be found on patreon.com/IslaGriffin