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Updated: Apr 5, 2023

..or the intertwining. I like that word to describe life in general. When life unfolds as a series of things, events or objects capturing your attention for just a moment. When you notice a thing more than the things that surround it or the background substance that contains it. A tree that jumps out at you from the forest and not just because the light rays illuminate it. Just walking in a grey day and yet one tree calls you to stop by it and maybe look up. It imprints a pattern or new hue. Or a dress on a jammed and congested rail in a charity shop. You reach in and grapple it out. You find gold. The woman who walks by and catches your eye. I am another you the eye says in that moment. All things intertwining from outside to inside. 'Intertwining' sounds quite sophisticated, elegant, philosophical. Mash-up is very pop-culture. My work was once described as a ‘Mash-up’ by a tutor at a critique at art school. I felt the comment as a positive punch in the air. For that is what we are in mind body and spirit. A melting pot of munched up matter from sensory energies that somehow got in. A bolus of the sum of our noticing nerves and popping perceptions. I want my work to convey that about how body-minds keep on being. Mashing up mediums and intertwining disassociated matters.

Stop talking, get making.

Leaning in.

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