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There and back again.

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I've got this project to roll out. One that I got funding for. I saw the closing date in the local paper as I was searching for the sudoku to rest my brain. As if. I have to start it and its 'just before christmas' everyone keeps telling me as if its a reason to be slack and angry. Whanganui is a river town an hour away heading north and its becoming like a little Wellington. The panache and arty vibe of the city has bi-passed Palmy completely and landed like fairy dust on this sleepy, pass-through town. I went there today for 50 minutes to get started. To do what I could of done via a quick email but even in this time of Covid I want to do things in the flesh. My UCOL video creation teacher agreed to a coffee so that I could pick his brain on how to get started with the techy stuff. I got back south after our coffee and remembered that I wanted to buy the very cool old orange overhead projector sitting on the floor opposite my pew. I might have to go back. I then ordered a green screen whole body suit for my dancer. Later I text a friend to see if she was around for a chat about audio. She sent me a voice recorded message there and then. I found myself recording a message back. Really? Can't you just pick up the phone. What's wrong with everybody. In the flesh might be confronting these days but I then realized a direct audio chat is a vibration that can zig zag back and forth in a comforting resonance that sinks into the sternum and makes one feel connected. It could be that I over talk or butt in or my stories are meandering and staccato. It's a self reflecting moment on behaviour and intrusion. Is this a sign of the new New Bohemia.? But I did feel a hint of it in Whanganui at the Article cafe with my tech advisor and his dreams of writing a movie. I suggested we formed an 'accountability group' to make sure we all at least get started.

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