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The start of my year being 60, the year I tell the truth.

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

It’s almost been a year and now I am 60 ( 2 weeks ago, Scorpio sun, pisces moon and Virgo ascendant, 27/9, Manifesting Generator, Metal Ox, 3 Gua east, ... yes until now I have turned to many systems to understand myself and make life easier to navigate). How many times have I started this just like I start an artwork and leave it hanging in limbo. What happened between now and then to take me away from writing this public account I see as liberating the matters that bind us? Here we are at the start of my 60th year, the year I turned 60 and all that it entails. Just after the last post we went on a Tikki tour of our favourite NZ spots. Lake Taupo, the pristine watery heart of the North Island and there we decided to put down our roots somewhere. To come off the gypsy lifestyle with its uncertainties pursued over the last 15 years. I wanted a studio to build my significant body of work and I wanted a community. We bought a house in the river, coastal town of Whanganui. This is where they made the river a being. ‘The river flows from the mountain to the sea. I am the river, the river is me’ is whispered around the streets and through the trees by the breeze that comes off the Taranaki Bight or up from the flats south of the town. The place is like the delicious filling of a tired bread sandwich. We bought having visited the town once on the strength of the vibe at a funky cafe. I people watched for half and hour and thought these are my people. We got a puppy, which is another whole blog as I almost gave her back several times but now she is an enormous presence in our lives at 11 months old...and a rescue cat. The studio is up and running and I am over the year that comes previous to a big, enormous milestone. My Saturn has returned for a 3rd time. I am entering a period of initiation to becoming a Wise Woman which will take me until I am 80. I almost deleted the previous posts as a stumbling attempt at starting to say something significant. I can see that the only way to not cringe is to root out what is not my style, my voice and just tell the the truth. So if this year of being 60 is to have any significant impact on changing my life’s path then honesty in reflecting on what really moves me, my beliefs and value I think and feel...what memories rise up from the past 60 years in any given moment and what triggered them ...has to be at the forefront of this account. The writing will get better and the observations more potent. I hope there will emerge a thread and a personality as I build a familiarity with what I am becoming at 60. The art will happen alongside this and will be reflected in the rest of the website. I feel like a Manifesta is bubbling up. Not until the end of the year. I’ll get going first and find my voice.

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